FET NADINE Workshop Directed Networks Days



Paolo Boldi (U Milano)
Massimo Santini (U Milano)
Dima Shepelyansky (CNRS Toulouse)
Sebastiano Vigna (U Milano)


Host Institution:
LAW Computer Science Department, Universitą degli studi di Milano, Italy

Dates: 13 - 14 June 2013




Modern societies have developed enormous communication and social networks and their classification and information retrieval becomes a formidable task. Various search engines have been developed by private companies which are actively used by Internet users. Due to the recent enormous development of World Wide Web, social and communication networks, new methods have been invented to characterize the properties of these networks on a more detailed and precise level. New characterization of complex networks will allow to manage in an efficient and rapid way information extraction for social networks, communication, bio-cell and other networks. Such type of problems of complex networks and Markov chains appear in various fields of science. The development of interdisciplinary approach to complex networks, which combines expertise from computer science, theoretical physics, mathematics, economy and biology, is the aim of this workshop. This Workshop is a working meeting of the EC FET Open project NADINE.



A.Benczur (MTA SZTAKI Budapest), P.Boldi (U Milano), Y.-H. Eom(CNRS Toulouse), K.Frahm (U Toulouse III), B.Georgeot (CNRS Toulouse), J.Gobolos-Szabo (MTA SZTAKI Budapest), P. van der Hoorn(U Twente), V.Kandiah (CNRS Toulouse), A.Kaltenbrunner(Barcelona Media), N.Litvak(U Twente), R.Pavlovics (MTA SZTAKI Budapest), S.Vigna (U Milano)


Program and slides: (here)

This event is the Working meeting of the EC FET Open project NADINE

MEETING PLACE: Sala Lauree (room), Dipartimento di Informatica, via Comelico 39/41, 20135 Milano (link)