1.  A.Benczur, The source codes of the spam filter are available for download from GitHub (2013)  (here )
  2.  P.Boldi, S.Vigna, HyperBall is a probabilistic algorithm and associated Java tool that computes distance distribution and a number of geometric centralities on very large networks. It has been used to measure the degrees of separation of Facebook, and it can compute harmonic centrality on networks with several billion nodes (2013)  (here ) and (here)
  3.  P.Boldi, S.Vigna, BUbiNG is the next-generation distributed crawler developed by the LAW (2013)  (here )
  4.  P.Boldi, S.Vigna, Liquid FM: a facebook application for music recommendation based on viscous-democracy (2015); look for "Liquid FM" inside Facebook, or connect directly at  (here )
  5.  P.Boldi, S.Vigna, WeightedTau: large-scale computation of weighted correlation indices such as the hyperbolic tau and average precision correlation (2015); links  (here; here )
  6.  P.Boldi, S.Vigna, Multicore WebGraph: multi-core rewriting of the popular graph compression library (2015)  (here )
  7.  P.Boldi, S.Vigna, Rewrite of the basic high-performance collections in fastutil (used throughout all graph-analysis software) (2015)  (here )
  8.  P.Boldi, S.Vigna, Integration of BUbiNG with web spam detection software from Sztaki (2015)  (here )
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