Wikipedia networks of 24 editions of 2017
by K.M.Frahm and D.L.Shepelyansky

Links between nodes on PageRank-CheiRank plane

Wikipedia Network Data Sets for 24 language editions, collected in May 2017
All 24 Wikinets at 2017 in one gziped file (here)
(see README file, the structure is as for the same editions in 2013,
see WNDS4 at;
At present there is no public access to these data sets; in case of interest contact the authors

These networks are generated with the codes developed by Sebastiano Vigna (Univ. of Milano in the frame of EC FET Open NADINE project,
24 wikinets of 2013 had been obtained with the same codes (see above).

This webpage is created at October 09, 2017 and is maintained
by K.M.Frahm and D.L.Shepelyansky