Wigner crystal diode
M.Y.Zakharov, D.Demidov, D.L.Shepelyansky
arXiv:1901.05231[cond-mat.mes-hall] (2019)

Dependece of rescaled Wigner crystal velocity v_W in an asymmetric 2D potential (shown by color) as a function of aplied static field Edc and temperature T divided by potential amplitude (v_0 is velocity of free charge)

The paper dated 16 Jan 2019 (here); final Phys. Rev. B version (here)
All figs gziped (here)
Videos of Wigner crystal diode (left), (right), (readme)
Additional video of Wigner crystal transport for Appendix figure-A2 of arXiv:1910.12946[cond-mat.mes-hall] for Seebeck coefficient in 2D symmetric periodic potential (gz-format here),

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