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Dynamical turbulent flow on the Galton board with friction

This page provides animations in mpeg format that illustrate a particle flow on the Galton board with friction, and with zero/non zero values of magnetic field.
The related papers are available at and

  1. With zero magnetic field B = 0


    The animated flow (mpeg) at zero magnetic field is aviliable here for download
    ( mpegsize < 1Mgb )

  2. With magnetic field B = 2


    The animated flow (mpeg) for this value of magnetic field is aviliable here for download
    ( high resolution, mpegsize ~2Mgb ).

Software Requirements
Windows :
There is a standard mpeg support in Windows 95 at least through softwares like Windows Media player installed by default on the system. Other programs providing a mpeg support such as Power player, Real Player, ... can easily be found on the internet .
Linux :
You may have to download yourself the appropriate software, since stable mpeg support is present only in resent Linux releases such as RedHat7.0.

Here is a list of links that might be useful.

Loki | Development | SMPEG | SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG)
The X Movie Player System