École des sciences avancées de Luchon
School for advanced sciences of Luchon

Applications for sessions of 2014-2015: Applications for organizations of school sessions or workshops at École de sciences avancées de Luchon should be send by email to Directeur d'École . The applications are now collected for winter/summer 2015. Format (pdf): half a page of school description, a few sentences about organizers with their emails and web pages, list of main speakers, planned number of participants of workshop or planned number of students and observers, description of funding from the side of school/workshop organizers. Selection of approved applications will be done by Conseil Scientific d'École, selected applicants will be informed by email. Organizers of a selected proposal should create a web page of their event which will be linked from the web page of école de Luchon. Sponsors will provide a partial support in the limits to be fixed with organizers. For the first sessions of 2014-2015 a close collaboration is assumed between Conseil Scientific d'École and organizers of selected sessions.

Applications for winter and summer Sessions of 2015 are now collected. Selected proposals will be announced after consideration by Conseil Scientific d'École.

Periods outside of summer and winter can be also considered on a special ground.

Available time slots for summer/winter 2014 - 2015:
June 14 - June 21, 2014
June 21 - July 5, 2014 l'école "Network analysis and applications" (reserved)
July 12 - July 19, 2014
July 26 - August 23, 2014

Winter, location at Luchon (630m hight): January 3 - 10; 10 - 17; 17 - 24; 24 - 31, 2015
Summer/winter schools have a duration of two weeks, workshops have a duration of one week. Arrival/departure day is Saturday.

Winter, location at Luchon Superbagneres (1850m hight): one week at middle of Jan 2015, one week at middle of March 2015

Conditions for Summer 2015 are similar to those of Summer 2014

Financial conditions for summer/winter sessions 2014-2015 (draft):
Format école: Summer/winter schools have duration of two weeks. Students will have furnished apartments at residence Ramel (typically 4 students per apartment). The student registration fee is 500 euro for a two week period. It includes lodging, lunch during working days, coffee breaks, video and slides of lectures. In addition to students a certain number of observers will be accepted to participate in a school session. The registration fee for an observer is 600 euro for two weeks (two persons in apartment, other conditions being the same as for students). L'école will provide a significant number of scholarships which will allow to reduce the registration fee by a factor two. Poster and short oral presentations will be organized for selected students and observers. Excursions to surrounding mountains, lakes and les therms will be organized by l'École and school organizers. A number of participants is restricted to 70. Participants of June-July sessions should email a signed registration form by April 3, 2014.
Format summer/winter workshop at Luchon (630 m hight): Workshops have duration of one week. They take place at the hall "Cedre" of Hotel Le Majestic (70 persons capacity). The registration fee for participants is fixed at 250 euro/week (two persons per apartment) or 390 (one person per apartment). The registration fee includes lodging, breakfast, coffee breaks and allocation of hall capacities. Lunches will be on the side of participants at multiple and diverse restaurants of Luchon recommended by l'école. A special request should be addressed to l'école for organization of joint lunch for all workshop participants during working days. L'école will provide a financial support for a significant number of scholarships allowing to reduce the registration fee for a significant number of participants. Participants of June-July sessions should email a signed registration form by April 3, 2014.
Format winter workshop at Luchon Superbagneres (1850 m hight): Workshops have duration of one week with lodging at Superbagneres (1850m hight), Grand Hotel, hall capacity if 50 persons at maximum. The registration fee for participants is approximately 450 euro/week (2-3 persons per hotel room) or 550 (one person per hotel room). The fee includes pension complete (lodging, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks) and ski forfait. Without ski forfait the fee is reduced approximately by 70 euro.

Proposed time table for schools or workshops:
Workings days are from Monday to Friday. Time table for school lectures:
9h00 - 10h00 lecture, 10h00 - 10h30 - coffee break,
10h30 - 11h30 lecture, 11h30 - 12h30 lecture, 12h30 - 13h30 lunch,
13h30 - 18h30 free time for discussions and excursions,
18h30 - 19h30 - lecture/seminars.
A similar time table is proposed for workshops. Organizers can arrange their programs according to their wish.

Conseil Scientifique d'École de Luchon

Web page: http://www.quantware.ups-tlse.fr/ecoledeluchon/