École des sciences avancées de Luchon
School for advanced sciences of Luchon

Session Focus Workshop II (FW2)
Advanced mathematics for network analysis

May 1 - 4, 2016 (Luchon Hotel Le Majestic)

Workshop Organizers:
C Bordenave (IMT), S Cafieri (ENAC), E Fieux (IMT), B Georgeot (LPT), B Jouve (FRAMESPA/IMT), N Villa-Vialaneix (INRA MIAT)
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Scope: The analysis of relational aspects in data provides access to a point of view that is not accessible by usual statistical methods on individuals/variable matrices. When it is justified, the construction of relational data allows us to analyse structural properties, local or global: neighbourhood, density of links, degree and centrality of a node, length of shortest path, ... . The graph, as a mathematical object, is the natural model for that type of data and graph theory is a source of tools for network analysis. However, graph theory is seldom used in its full power for the analysis of real networks, due to the scope of the theory and the diversity of the results and tools that have been developed. In this workshop, expert researchers will give lectures in order to present recent directions and advanced tools for network analysis, particularly in order to deal with the dynamics, the critical states, the break-up mechanisms or the micro-meso-macro transitions. One session will also be dedicated to short presentations by the participants and another one will be reserved to business use cases. Researchers from companies are welcome to attend.

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Location: Luchon Hotel Le Majestic (more info)

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