École des sciences avancées de Luchon
School for advanced sciences of Luchon

Quantum transport in 2D systems
Session Workshop II (W2), May 23 - 30, 2015

Workshop Organizers:
Michel Dyakonov (University of Montpellier), , Dima Shepelyansky (CNRS Toulouse), Michael Zudov (University of Minnesota)
Secretary: Malika Bentour

Scope: Recent developments in the physics of 2D systems revealed a rich variety of non-equilibrium phenomena; strongly anisotropic and bubble phases; even-denominator and other exotic quantum Hall states; etc. While the majority of the research has utilized ultra high-mobility GaAs/AlGaAs, some of the above phenomena have been observed in other 2D systems, including graphene, MgZnO/ZnO and Ge/SiGe interfaces, and even a non-degenerate system - electrons on a surface of liquid helium. While a great progress towards understanding these effects has been made, there exist many unsolved puzzles. The main objective of this workshop is to bring together leading experts and young researchers working in the area of quantum transport to exchange ideas and discuss ongoing developments and open issues.

Topics: Nonequilibrium phenomena in high Landau levels, e.g., microwave-induced and Hall field-induced resistance oscillations, zero-resistance and zero-differential resistance states, multiphoton photoresistance, giant photoresistance effects, photoresistance in the Shubnikov-de Haas regime, role of edge states and non-local magnetoresistance, etc.; microwave-driven electrons on the surface of liquid helium; low-field magnetoresistance; inhomogeneous and modulated 2D systems; anisotropic phases; exotic fractional quantum Hall states; roles of different types of disorder and its characterization; local probe experimental techniques; advances and prospects in growth of high quality 2D materials.

List of invited speakers (confirmed): B. Ashkinadze (Technion, IL), R.Ashoori (MIT, US), A. Chepelianskii (CNRS d'Orsay, FR), G. Csathy (Purdue, US), C. Dean (Columbia, US), I. Dmitriev (MPI, DE), S. Dorozhkin (ISSP RAS, RU), M. Dyakonov (U. of Montpellier, FR), M. Entin (ISP SB RAS, RU), J. Falson (U. of Tokyo, JP), S. Ganichev (U. Regensburg, DE), G. Gervais (McGill, CA), C. Glattli (CEA Saclay, FR), A. Hatke (NHMFL, US), R. Haug (Leibniz U. Hannover, DE), E. Henriksen (Washington U. in St. Louis, US), K. Kono (RIKEN, JP), D. Konstantinov (OIST, JP), D. Kvon (ISP SB RAS, RU), M. Manfra (Purdue, US), R. Mani (Georgia State, US), K. Muraki (NTT, JP), M. Myronov (U. of Warwick, UK), R. Nicholas (Oxford, UK), W. Pan (Sandia National Labs, US), D. Polyakov (KIT, DE), L. Ponomarenko (Lancaster, UK), M. Portnoi (U. of Exeter UK), M. Potemski (GHMFL, FR), O. Raichev (ISP NAS, UA), R. Ribeiro (LNE, FR), L. Rokhinson (Purdue, US), M. Shayegan (Princeton, US), D. Shepelyansky (CNRS Toulouse, FR), Q. Shi (U. of MN, US), V. Shikin (ISSP RAS, RU), B. Shklovskii (U. of MN, US), J. Smet (MPI, DE), D. Smirnov (NHMFL, US), S. Studenikin (IMS NRC, CA), S. Vitkalov (CUNY, US), V. Volkov (IRE RAS, RU), D. Weiss (U. Regensburg, DE), M. Zudov (U. of MN, US).

Registration fee: All workshop participants are expected to pay a registration fee which will cover lodging for 7 nights (Saturday-Saturday) at Les Jardins de Ramel , coffee breaks and lunches on working days (Monday - Friday), social dinner, excursions to mountains and lakes, and visits to thermal baths of Luchon. The registration options are as follows: A) 200 euro/person, double occupancy in a furnished apartment with 3 rooms (two bedrooms); B) 300 euro/person, single occupancy in a furnished apartment with 2 rooms (one bedroom); Speakers who chose option B) can share their apartments with an accompanying person at no extra cost. However, accompanying persons who would like to participate in workshop social activities are requested to pay a registration fee of C) 100 euro/person which includes five lunches, social dinner, excursions, and thermal baths; D) 400 euro for a large appartment of option A) for one participant with a family. Please note that since only a very limited number of apartments with 2 rooms are available, registration option B) will be processed on a first come, first served basis. We also expect to be able to accommodate a limited number of students at a reduced registration fee of 150 euro (3-4 persons per apartment).

Registration and payment: To guarantee participartion, payments of the registration fees must be made by February 16, 2015 via a credit card at the CNRS web page. The receipt for your payment will be send to you by email (NOTE: this site does not allow to pay twice to the same person, so use other email and family name for accompaning person payment, slight name modification will work).

Bus transfer Toulouse-Luchon: There will be a large bus FARRUS from Toulouse airport to Luchon on May 23 at 16h45 (departure from airport ground level, exit porte D; 2 hours 20 mins trip, responsable Alexei Chepelianskii); this bus will pass via "gare routiere" at 17h15 to pick up participants from the Toulouse railway station ("gare routiere" CD31 (link) is located 50 meters to the right from the main exit of the railway station nearby to the stop of Navette bus to airport which is the meeting point).
Bus transfer Luchon-Toulouse airport: Return bus will be from Luchon to Toulouse airport (direct) on May 30 at 9:30, departure from Ramel.
To reach airport from Toulouse railway station: take metro line A to metro Les Arenes, change there to tramway line T2 direct to airport (same metro ticket, ride duration about 25mins) or take direct Navette bus to airport (stops at bus station 50meters left of front railway station, runs each 20mins, ride duration approx 25 mins); same way in opposite direction from airport to railway station. Public transportation options to Luchon can be found here.


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