École des sciences avancées de Luchon
School for advanced sciences of Luchon

Session Winter Workshop III(L) (W3L)
ProusTime 2016
Departement Lettres modernes, cinema et occitan
Universite Toulouse - Jean Jaures
(Projet Idex-Transversalité)

January 4 - 8, 2016 (Luchon Superbagneres)

Winter Workshop Organizers:
Isabelle Serca (Universite Toulouse - Jean Jaures)
Organizer web page: (link)

Scope: ProusTime is an Idex project which aims to think time in a transdisciplinary perspective. The principle of reference to a literary text is in the core of the project: "A la recherche du temps perdu", in which time is the main character - or maybe memory -, is the anchor point from which the reflection will develop, as from the thematic point of view than stylistic. Time is an essential element for every scholar, whatever his domain; it is as well a crucial matter for our society which is told to live an "acceleration of time". It is however a notion hard to define, which is usually reserved for philosophers: to make it short, it is on the same time the variable (T) in an equation, this feeling of duration which everyone experiences described by Bergson, or the scene where history of mankind in society take place. The work on literary punctuation as shaping of time in writing offers a tangible base on which this research project can be built on: In the essay Esthetique de la ponctuation, Ecrire le temps (Gallimard, 2012), several breakaways are proposed to other models of time in mathematics and physics, to the historical time or the one used in history of arts or even to the neurobiological functioning of memory - such elements among others aimed to be developed in the "ProusTime" project.
Team: The ProusTime team includes a neuroscientist, an astrophysician, a physician, a mathematician, a paleoclimatologist, a computer scientist, a linguist, a philosopher, an historian, an economist, a politest, a psychoanalyst, a visual artist. Each scholar represents a different field and the three universities of Toulouse are represented, through a dozen of research teams and eight doctorate schools, with a balance between soft and hard sciences.

Workshop report (in French) (here)

Talks: See the report

Location: Luchon Superbagneres (Ski resort 1800 m heights) (more info)

Sponsored by IDEX project ProusTime

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