École des sciences avancées de Luchon
School for advanced sciences of Luchon

TCCM Winter Tutorial
Computational Tools for Theoretical Chemistry 2015
Session Winter School I (WIS1)
February 1 - 6, 2015 (Luchon Superbagneres)

Winter School Organizers:
Stefano Evangelisti, Thierry Leininger, Romuald Poteau, Muammar El Khatib, Oriana Brea (Toulouse)
Organizers web page: (link)

Topics: The Tutorials in Theoretical Chemistry are focused in computer implementations, and numerical methods. They include: Advanced programming techniques, Geometry and Topology: Building Nanoparticles, Low-dimensional Carbon structures: the usefulness of simple approaches, Quantum Magnetism: the Heisenberg model, Quantum Dynamics: Propagating wave packets, Vibrations in Molecules: Harmonic/Morse Oscillators.

T. Leininger (LCPQ) "Advanced programming techniques"
R. Poteau (LPCNO) "Geometry and Topology: Building Nanoparticles"
S. Evangelisti (LCPQ) "Low-dimensional Carbon structures: the usefulness of simple approaches"
N. Suaud (LCPQ) "Quantum Magnetism: the Heisenberg model"
A. Berger (LCPQ) "Quantum Dynamics: Propagating wave packets"
A. Berger (LCPQ) "Vibrations in Molecules: Harmonic/Morse Oscillators" ,br>

See more information on the web page of organizers given above:

Location: Luchon Superbagneres (Ski resort 1800 m heights) (more info)

Sponsors are given at the web page of organizers

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Conseil Scientifique d'École de Luchon

Web page: http://www.quantware.ups-tlse.fr/ecoledeluchon/sessionwis1/