École de sciences avancées de Luchon
School of advanced sciences of Luchon

at "Networks and data mining"
June 27 - July 11, 2015:

- What are mathematical foundations of Google search engine ?

- How works PageRank algorithm and what is CheiRank ?

- What are properties of the Google matrix ?

- Who are top ranked people of human history accroding to Wikipedia ?

- What are fightings at Wikipedia ?

- What are properties of Twitter network ?

- What is a concept of small world and what are degrees of separation ?

- How many degrees of separation you have at Facebook ?

- What are global properties of scale-free networks ?

- How does epidemics spread over scale-free networks ?

- What is dynamical chaos and Ulam networks ?

- What are secrets hidden in genomic sequences ?

- How genomic sequences control information ?

- What are top countries of the world trade network ?

- How to draw a map of Spain when all you have is friendship connections ?

- What are recommendation systems which got $1 Million Netflix Prize ?

- How to recommend best songs and singers at LAST.FM ?

Web page: http://www.quantware.ups-tlse.fr/ecoledeluchon/