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Highlight of EPJB (26 June 2018) for the work "Google matrix of Bitcoin network" (pdf)
Felicitations de Maire de Toulouse, President de Toulouse Metropole Jean-Luc Moudenc (29 Jan 2016) for the work of Wikipedia ranking of world historical figures (pdf)
Wikipedia Ranking of World Universities, 2015 (arXiv:1511.009021[cs.SI]) Highlighted by MIT Technology Review (pdf) ;
Le Monde (pdf)
EC CORDIS Top stories, 2 Feb 2015 "NADINE - internet links reveal patterns of interaction" (pdf) ;
INP du CNRS press release 4 March 2015 (pdf)
Press release on 24wiki paper: 6 June 2014 (link), KentuckyFC and Soulskill at 7 June 2014 (link), NewScientist 10 June 2014 by Jacob Aron (link) ,
The Independent, The Guardian, Washington Post,,
video report France 3 Midi-Pyrenees (link)
CheiRank on Youtube from 6 Dec 2012 (link)

ScienceDaily and PhysOrg article of Sabine Louet highlights EPJB article "Kolmogorov turbulence, Anderson localization and KAM integrability" (here) at 27 July 2012; the results are reported in e-print (link) article of Hugo Sedouramane highlights the work on the Google matrix of the World Trade Network (here) at 30 March 2011 (in French); the results of the group are reported in e-print (link) dated by 25 March 2011 article of Basile Segalen highlights the work on 2Dranking of Wikipedia articles (here) at 1 July 2010 (in French); the results of the group are reported in e-print (link) dated by 22 June 2010; also at (here)
Discussions: in Literature (link)

Science News Spanish web site highlights the work on fractal Weyl law for the Linux Kernel Architecture (link) and (link) at 11 May 2010 (in Spanish); the results of the group are reported in e-print (link) dated by 9 May 2010 highlights in the article "For the form of rings of Saturn are responsible its satellites" (link) at 25 Dec 2008 (in Russian) the results of the group reported in e-print (link) dated by 23 Dec 2008 (see also (here))
(image "Mimas and the Great Division" is taken by NASA Cassini Mission at 16 Oct 2007 (link) )
Also highlighted at Arxivblog (link) and GazetaRU (link) and (pdf)

International Workshop on Anderson Localization in Nonlinear and Many-Body Systems, MPI Dresden March 16 - 20, 2009

Announcement with Fig. from arXiv:0805.0539 (link) and (pdf)


Outstanding Referee of American Physical Society Recognized in 2008

Qutstanding Referee Program


Images de la Physique 2003-2004, CNRS Edition

"Les ordinateurs quantiques affrontent le chaos" pp. 17-23; quant-ph/0307103(in French)
From Ref. 5p


Phys. Rev. Lett. 26 November 2001

Efficient Quantum Computing of Complex Dynamics
From Ref. 129 (Phys. Rev. Lett. 87 (2001) 227901 )


EU FET Press report

"Effects of Decoherence and Imperfections for Quantum Information Processing"
EU Technology Marketplace (dated 2007-03-14)


USA Government Storming Media report

"Effects of Imperfections and Residual Inter-Qubit Interaction on Quantum Computing"
Pentagon Reports: Fast. Definitive. Complete. (dated 2004-09-15)


By Mike Martin (NewsFactor Network, October 9, 2003)

"Quantum MP3 May Soon Be Reality"


Nature physics portal-research highlights (April 2001)

"Quantum simulations of quantum chaos"


Nature Science Update (Nature, November 20, 2000)

"Computers set for quantum crashes" by Philip Ball


Science Research News (1989-02-17)

"Quantum Chaos: Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery" by Pobert Pool, Science v.243, pp.893-895 (1989)