Wikipedia networks: quantware articles and data sets
collected by D.L.Shepelyansky

Left: Google matrix of Wikipedia for top 200 PageRank nodes,
middle: links between nodes on PageRank-CheiRank plane;
right: green/red points show top 100 PageRank/CheiRank personalities
in the plane, yellow pluses show top 100 personalities of Hart's book

Wikipedia Network Data Sets:
WNDS1) English Wikipedia 2009 (here); related Quantware article QWA1
WNDS2) English Wikipedia 2003 - 2011 (here); related Quantware article QWA4
WNDS3) 9 Wikipedia editions 2013 (here); related Quantware article QWA5
WNDS4) 24 Wikipedia editions 2013 (here); related Quantware article QWA7
WNDS5) 24 Wikipedia editions 2017 (here); related Quantware articles QWA12, QWA15 ...
WIKIMEDIA Review of Research on Wikipedia: (external link)
Quantware Wikipedia Articles:
QWA1) 11.11. A.O.Zhirov, O.V.Zhirov and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Two-dimensional ranking of Wikipedia articles", Eur. Phys. J. B v.77, p.523-531 (2010) (here) (arxiv:1006.4270[cs.IR] (here) , update arxiv:1006.4270v2 (here) )
QWA2) L.Ermann, A.D.Chepelianskii and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Toward two-dimensional search engines", J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. v.45, p.275101 (2012) (here) (arxiv:1106.6215[cs.IR] (here) ; v2 (here) );
related web page (here)
QWA3) L.Ermann, K.M.Frahm and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Spectral properties of Google matrix of Wikipedia and other networks", Eur. Phys. J. B v.86, p.193 (2013) (here) (arXiv:1212.1068 [cs.IR] (here) )
QWA4) Y.-H.Eom, K.M.Frahm, A.Benczur and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Time evolution of Wikipedia network ranking", Eur. Phys. J. B v.86, p.492 (2013) (here) (arXiv:1304.6601 [physics.soc-ph] (here) ; v2 (here) )
QWA5) Y.-H.Eom and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Highlighting entanglement of cultures via ranking of multilingual Wikipedia articles", PLoS ONE v.8(10), p. e74554 (2013) (here) (arXiv:1306.6259 [cs.SI] (here) )
QWA6) K.M.Frahm and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Poisson statistics of PageRank probabilities of Twitter and Wikipedia networks", Eur. Phys. J. B v.87, p.93 (2014) (here) (arXiv:1402.5839 [physics.soc-ph] (here) )
QWA7) Y.-H.Eom, P.Aragon, D.Laniado, A.Kaltenbrunner, S.Vigna and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Interactions of cultures and top people of Wikipedia from ranking of 24 language editions", PLoS ONE v.10(3), p.e0114825 (2015) (here) (arXiv:1405.7183[cs.SI] (here) ; v2 (here) )
QWA8) D.Shepelyansky, "Top 100 historical figures of Wikipedia", article at Wikipedia, created in June (2014) by few authors ( link; pdf file (here) )
QWA9) J.Lages, A.Patt and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Wikipedia ranking of world universities", Eur. Phys. J. B v.89, p.69 (2016) (here) (arXiv:1511.09021 [cs.SI] (here) ; v2 (here) ));
related web pages (here) and at Besancon (here)
QWA10) K.M.Frahm, K.Jaffres-Runser and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Wikipedia mining of hidden links between political leaders", Eur. Phys. J. B v.89, p.269 (2016) (here) (arXiv:1609.01948 [cs.SI] (here) ); related web page (here)
QWA11) K.M.Frahm, S. El Zant, K.Jaffres-Runser and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Multi-cultural Wikipedia mining of geopolitics interactions leveraging reduced Google matrix analysis", Phys. Lett. A v.381, p.2677 (2017) (here) ;
arXiv:1612.07920 [cs.SI] (here)
QWA12) S. El Zant, K.M.Frahm, K.Jaffres-Runser and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Analysis of world terror networks from the reduced Google matrix of Wikipedia", Eur. Phys. J. B v.91, p.127 (2018) (here) ; arXiv:1710.03504 [cs.SI] (here) ;
related web page (here)
QWA13) S. El Zant, K.Jaffres-Runser and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Capturing the influence of geopolitical ties from Wikipedia with reduced Google matrix", arxiv:1803.05336 [cs.SI] (2018) (here)
QWA14) S. El Zant, K.Jaffres-Runser, K.M.Frahm and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Interactions and influence of world painters from the reduced Google matrix of Wikipedia networks", arxiv:1807.01255 [cs.SI] (2018) (here) ;
related web page (here)
QWA15) C.Coquide, J.Lages, and D.L.Shepelyansky, "World influence and interactions of universities from Wikipedia networks", arXiv:1809.00332 [cs.SI] (2018) (here) ;
related web page (here)
QWA16) G.Rollin, J.Lages, and D.L.Shepelyansky, "World influence of infectious diseases from Wikipedia network analysis", bioRxiv:; 24 Sept (2018) (here) ;
related web page (here)
QWA17) G.Rollin, J.Lages, and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Wikipedia network analysis of cancer interactions and world influence", bioRxiv: ; 23 Jan (2019) (here) ;
related web page (here)
QWA18) D.Demidov, K.M.Frahm and D.L.Shepelyansky, "What is the central bank of Wikipedia?", submitted 20 Feb (2019); arXiv:1902.07920 [cs.SI] (2019) (here) ;
related web page (here)
QWA19) A.Zinovyev, U.Czerwinska, L.Cantini, E.Barillot, K.M.Frahm and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Collective intelligence defines biological functions in Wikipedia as communities in the hidden protein connection network", submitted 26 April (2019); bioRxiv (here) ;
related web page (here)
QWA20) G.Rollin, J.Lages, T.S.Serebriyskaya and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Interactions of pharmaceutical companies with world countries, cancers and rare diseases from Wikipedia network analysis", bioRxiv: (here) ;
related web page (here)
QWA21) K.M.Frahm and D.L.Shepelyansky, "Linear response theory for Google matrix", arXiv:1908.08924[cs.SI] (2019) (here) ; related web page (here)

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