Quantware Library

Quantum Numerical Recipes

Quantum computing and quantum information processing can be simulated with the given codes on a classical computer for a moderate number of qubits (~20) in presence of realistic internal imperfections and external decoherence. This library is established in the framework of the EC IST-FET projects  EDIQIP ("Effects of decoherence and imperfections for quantum information processing"), EuroSQIP ("European superconducting quantum information processor"), FET Open Project NADINE ("New tools and algorithms for directed network analysis"). It provides a diversified code basis for the classical simulation of realistic quantum computations. It also describes results of on large matrices and networks. Quantware Library is opened at 19/12/2005.

Users of the Quantum Numerical Recipes are asked to cite the Quantware Library in their publications.

The library is coordinated by Klaus Frahm and Dima Shepelyansky.