École des sciences avancées de Luchon
School for advanced sciences of Luchon

Dynamics and chaos in astronomy and physics
Session Workshop IV (W4), September 17 - 24, 2016

Workshop Programme

All lectures are in English at Casino hall.
Working days are from Monday to Friday. Arrival/departure day is Saturday.

Saturday 17 September 2016

Arrival, registration at reception Les Jardins de Ramel (1st building).

Sunday 18 September 2016

Excursion to Lac d'Oo (bus at 10h00 from Ramel, bus arrives at 1100m elevation, walk to lac d'Oo at 1500m).

Monday 19 September 2016

(slides) 09h0009h45Escape and non-escape from star clusters by Douglas Heggie (U Edinburgh)
(slides) 09h4510h30Chaotic diffusion in planetary and galactic systems by Pablo Cincotta (FCAG/UNLP La Plata)
10h3011h00Coffee break
(slides) 11h0011h45Quantum comets by Dima Shepelyansky (CNRS Toulouse)
(slides) 11h4512h30Wave chaos and regular modes in oscillation spectra of rapidly rotating stars by Bertrand Georgeot (CNRS Toulouse)
14h0014h45Stability in multi-body systems from first principles by Rosemary Mardling (MONASH U)
(slides) 14h4515h30Shadowing lemma and chaotic orbit determination by Federica Spoto (Obs Nice)
15h3015h50Les rapports existants entre l'astronomie et la creation artistique picturale et musicale by Edmond Rosenfeld ( Galerie Les Oreades Luchon-Paris-Moscou)
15h5019h00Free time for discussions and excursions
19h0020h30Coctail bienvenu, Galerie Les Oreades, 69, Allee d'Etigny, Luchon

Tuesday 20 September 2016

(slides) 09h0009h45Asteroid families inside mean motion resonances by Andrea Milani (U Pisa)
(slides) 09h4510h30Asteroid families affected by secular resonances by Zoran Knežević (AObs Belgrade)
10h3011h00Coffee break
(slides) 11h0011h45Three body mean motion resonances by Tabaré Gallardo (U Uruguay)
(slides) 11h4512h30Asteroids in three-body mean motion resonances with planets by Evgeny Smirnov (Pulkovo Obs)
(slides) 14h0014h45A secular representation for long-term resonant dynamics beyond Neptune by Melaine Saillenfest (U Lille)
(slides) 14h4515h30Chaos and fractal structures in the planar restricted three-body problem by Guillaume Rollin (UTINAM/Obs Besancon)
15h30Free time for discussions and excursions

Wednesday 21 September 2016

(slides) 09h0009h45Long period comet encounters with the planets: an analytical approach by Giovanni B. Valsecchi (IAPS Rome)
(slides) 09h4510h30Long term dynamics of Oort cloud comets by Marc Fouchard (U Lille)
10h3011h00Coffee break
(slides) 11h0011h45Dynamical evolution of near-Sun objects by Vyacheslav Emelyanenko (I Astronomy RAS)
(slides) 11h4512h30Encounters of small bodies with planets by Natalia Emelyanenko (I Astronomy RAS)
14h00Free time for mountain trips

Thursday 22 September 2016

(slides) 09h0009h45Chaos in Kepler's multiple planet systems and K2's observations of the atmospheres of Uranus & Neptune by Jack Lissauer (NASA) ((talkvideos))
(slides) 09h4510h30Dynamics of hierarchical three-body systems for planetary systems and stars around supermassive blackhole binaries by Gongjie Li (Harvard U)
10h3011h00Coffee break
(slides) 11h0011h45Resonances and chaos in the dynamics of exoplanets by Ivan Shevchenko (Pulkovo Obs)
(slides) 11h4512h30Chaotic capture of (dark) matter by binary systems by José Lages (UTINAM/Obs Besancon)
(slides) 14h0014h45Planetesimal circumbinary disks: dynamics and structure by Tatiana Demidova (Pulkovo Obs)
15h30Free time for discussions and excursions
20h0023h00Social dinner at Pavillon Normand

Friday 23 September 2016

(slides) 09h4510h30Topological structure of the initial condition plane of the equal-mass free-fall three-body problem by Kiyotaka Tanikawa (NA Obs Japan)
10h3011h00Coffee break
11h0012h30Discussion table - Chairpersons: Jack Lissauer and Rosemary Mardling
14h00Free time for discussions and excursions

Saturday 24 September 2016

Departure by bus from Ramel at 9h30

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